Surgical: Webmaster


Fatima Elshams

Hi! My name is Fatima, and I'm a fourth-year medic running for the webmaster position. I look forward to carrying on the fantastic work of previous webmasters by helping advertise the society through social media. Additionally, I aim to focus on getting an up-and-running, easy-to-navigate Surgical Society website. I also look forward to helping expand the society's outreach whilst supporting the general planning and ...

Lizzie Varaksina

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Annie Alocious

I would love to be a part of SurgSoc and help out with events in any way I can. Having attended such events this year I saw the hard work and immense effort that goes into running the society and feel inspired to become a part. Through my previous experiences in working in a team I understand the importance of good organisational and communication skills to effectively complete a task. This has been evident in my pr ...

Dean Chughtai

Hello, my name is Dean (2nd year medic) and I aspire to be the webmaster for Surgical Society. Having previously served on committee and sub-committees, I have come to appreciate the significance of maintaining a consistent level of organisation and being adaptable in the various roles I have undertaken. In particular, serving as part of the Tech Team for IC Medathon, I was heavily involved in organising a webinar ...

Jody Cheng

Hey! My name is Jody and I’m a third year medic! I’m running for webmaster this year because I think I can do a good job maintaining the website and keeping the social media up to date. I think I’m perfect for this role because: I have experience as ABACUS publicity officer, an imperial society with 400+ members and had a very similar role. I kept the Instagram and the Whatsapp chat regularly updat ...

Andrey Marinov

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Vishva Nagappan

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Angela Benson

Hello! I'm Angela. I'm a 2nd year medical student and I'm applying for the role of SurgSoc Webmaster this year. My goals as webmaster would be to update the website security certificate as well as ensuring that all information such as personell changes are kept upto date, this is very important in order to maintain professionalism and for the website to grow in reliability and user trust. Futhermore, I would like t ...

Michael Song

Hi, I'm Michael and I'm running for webmaster. Having attended and enjoyed many of surgical society’s conferences and events this year (such as the Trauma Conference, Surgical Skills Weekend, CPA mock) I similarly wanted to become involved and provide these opportunities for others. As webmaster, I noticed that there is not much use of the Surgical Society Website so I would like to improve and maintain the web ...