Surgical: Trauma Conference Chair


David Son

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Sree Kanakala

Hi, I’m Sree and I'm running for Trauma Chair! Through my tenures as subcommittee and GenExec, I have led multiple events such as Specialties Spotlight Series, Surgical Finals Series and Phase 1a JAS, and have subsequently developed the organisational, leadership and communication skills needed to successfully run such a large conference. The above events have involved submitting numerous event proposals, manag ...

Sulaiman Sajjad

Hi everyone! I’m Sulaiman, currently a third year medic, and I am running to be the chair of next year’s Trauma Conference. This year, I was a delegate at the conference, and although my experience was amazing, I would love to use that experience and take on the challenge of making the event even better. A couple of ideas I have include incorporating posters/presentations into the main conference itself a ...