Mathematics (UG): Departmental Wellbeing Representative


Kian Shayeghi

Hi everyone, I'm Kian. My mission is to make our department a happier and healthier place to be. As students, we often neglect our mental and physical health - it's difficult to find time to relax, exercise or to make time for what you enjoy when you have deadlines constantly looming over you, combined with the various unique challenges you may be facing. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and alone, but together, we can ...

Jude Swaby

Hi all, My name is Jude Swaby, I am a first-year undergraduate student in the department of mathematics standing to be elected as the departmental wellbeing representative. As someone who has used the university's well-being mechanisms and has been the representative for the Probability and Statistics module, I understand both how helpful it can be to know where to turn during times of crisis and also how to commun ...

Elias Han

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.