Cross Country & Athletics: Hyde Park Relays Organiser


Sam Barber

Hiya, I'm Sam! I had a blast at Hyde Park Relays this year and I'd love to be a part of making it even bigger and better for 2024! I think I'd be a great fit for organising Hyde Park Relays as I have strong time management skills and organisational skills. Running a business for the last 4 years with a 5 figure annual turnover has given me lots of experience in coordinating with suppliers and getting things done!

Frankie Roberts

Hey guys as the social member of icxc i thought i'd step up to the plate since i'm so kind and thoughtful and the committee were desperate for a hpr organiser. I think i'm organised, and since i don't really run i'll have more time to get it sorted. p.s. u can rely on me for a great afterparty.

Izzy Franco

Hi y’all, I am back and at it again, only this time I am running for Hyde Park Relay Organiser! Having done this event before and seeing people do it, I am aware of both the challenges and benefits of running the largest student event of the year! My aim is to make the 75th year of HPR something to remember! The plan: Colour run: for all the marshals helping out during the day and to make the atmosphere t ...