Chemistry: Vice President


Stefan Dionis

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Eddie Wang

I aim to improve the quality of chemistry events run each year by chemsoc. I wish to listen to the student voice for ideas and fit each event to the community's desires. I will aim to make sure that all events are executed flawlessly, through accurate planning and thought. I will try to ensure that chemsoc runs smoothly and efficiently. My purpose as vice president is to assist the community and listen to your vo ...

Stefaniia Medvetskaia

Hey! My name is Stef and I am a first year Chemistry student. I am running for this position as I wish to contribute to the amazing work ChemSoc has been doing and get involved with the ChemSoc committee. I already am heavily involved in Wilson House committee, performing the highly demanding role of co-chair. This includes chairing meetings, managing the budget, listening to students feedback, managing Wilson& ...

Christopher Hargraves

Hello fellow chemists, I’m Chris and I’m an experienced second year chemist, having nearly completed second year twice. I’d like to think I have become wiser with the extra experience but I probably haven’t as I still enjoy submitting lab reports a minute before/after they’re due. But don’t let this sway your decision, I am very meticulous in everything I do, being a valuable t ...