Neuroscience: Teaching Co-ordinator


Rishi Miriyala

Hello! My name is Rishi, and I’m a second year medical student. What I Would Do as Teaching Coordinator: Develop a Phase 1a and 1b Neurology Teaching Series, with tutorials on the complex concepts of neurology and neuroanatomy. I would also set up an exam question bank. A guide on the neurology OSCE stations. I would set up a tutorial with older years in helping third years succeed in the cranial nerves ...

Adheesha Kumarasinghe

Hi everyone, my name is Adheesha and I’m currently in my second year of studying Medicine. Having had neurology teaching for two years, I can say that it is both an interesting and difficult topic to learn. I believe Neuroscience Society is well placed to deliver teaching to help students navigate this topic. This year, I was a mock creator for Surgical Society’s Junior Anatomy Series, in which capaci ...

Ollie Newbould

Hello! I am Ollie, a passionate 2nd-year medical student. As an advocate for education, I have dedicated myself to teaching and have actively participated in MedEd throughout this academic year. My involvement includes delivering CPA sessions and volunteering for events such as medical school interviews. I possess extensive experience in tutoring and also have honed my skills as a paramedic at sporting events, where ...

Ethan Porritt

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.