Design Engineering: Open House Manager


Bert Edwards

I have very much enjoyed attending the Open House exhibit in the past and I am a firm believer that it presents a fantastic opportunity for all of Dyson to showcase our work. I would very much like to be involved and help with the delivery of the event this coming year. Entering my fourth year, I have seen each part of the school and feel I am well-placed to portray the students’ work at every level.

Kang Yang

🚨🎸Yo, Design Mavericks! I'm Jackson, beaming in as your Open House Manager nominee! 🚀🎨 I’ve scoured past Open Houses and I'm cooking up a cosmic combo! 🌌🔥 🕹️Virtual DE Playground: Picture this - digital avatars, Dyson as a game level, and collecting design tips as power-ups. Score! ⚡Lightning Idea Pitches: Newbies, unleash your wildest dreams! 🌪️ Alumni ninjas will toss feedback like shurikens! 🎙️Alu ...