Consultancy: ICG VP Operations


Smayan Soni

Specific Aims and Targets: Boosting Efficiency and Effectiveness: Streamline operations, trimming unnecessary steps and optimizing resource allocation. Implement robust project management methodologies for seamless consultancy project execution. Develop performance metrics to track and celebrate the impact of our initiatives. Elevating Member Engagement and Experience: Regularly seek member feedba ...

Ajith Kurian

Hey guys, I’m Ajith a 1st year EEE student with an interest in pursuing a career in the consulting industry. Imperial Consultancy has been invaluable in helping me develop an understanding of the industry with talks, case interview prep, and mentoring. As Imperial Consultancy has been a major inspiration, I am keen to contribute to the society’s success with a role as VP of Operations. Having had the opp ...

Vilok Avadhan

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.