International Tamil: Head of Events


Sarujan Thayalan

Hi, I’m Sarujan and I’m delighted to be running for Head of Events this year. Having been Subcom rep for the year, I thoroughly enjoyed taking on this leadership role where I was able to gain experience working with a senior member of the committee to organise our games night. During this process I took on a variety of tasks, from designing the poster to coordinating the night with LSE and helping delegat ...

Ninthujan Kumar

I'm Ninthujan, and I'd love to run for Head of Events. I'm organized, a good communicator, and have exciting ideas to make this year's events memorable. I've planned smaller events like a bar party for 60 people, giving me insights into bar operations. As part of subcommittee, I was part of the treasurer and finance side of games night. This gave me greater insight into how funds are allocated differently so the even ...

Bathra Dinesh

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.