Cricket: Junior Treasurer


Ali Sufi

I want to maximise our potential in this club by firstly ensuring that we make the most out of the given budget. This hopefully will give everyone a great experince in both the social and training aspect.

Adam Hussain

Having narrowly missed out on a committee position last year, I feel more than ready to take on responsibility and play an active role in the club's meteoric rise to one of the best university sports clubs in London. This academic year I have demonstrated my capacity to successfully take on endeavours outside of studies, having completed a productive year as Academic Rep for Y2 physics. I can't think of a better set ...

Rohan Reddy

Organizational skills are paramount for the smooth functioning of our club, and my experience in similar roles during my school years has equipped me to undertake the role as Treasurer. I am committed to optimizing the club's financial management and securing additional funds to enhance our training facilities. As Treasurer, I will ensure a streamlined money flow into the club, maximizing a ...