Medicine (UG): Year Six Academic Representative


David Heriot

Hi, I'm David, hope you're all well. I am standing to be a Year 6 Academic Representative. I was one of the academic representatives last year, and I was a BSc rep in year 4. I attended all the SSLGs and spoke with faculty directly about people's thoughts and qualms from the feedback forms. Earlier this year, I was involved directly with Professor Sam and Christian Oldfield, the former President of ICSMSU, in suppor ...

Andrea Perez Navarro

Hi everyone! I'm Andrea and I'm once again applying to be your academic rep!! Having been academic rep in 3rd and 5th year, I'm well acquainted with the role and how to prepare and participate in SSLGs, which gives me scope to innovate in the role. This year I will focus on three key areas (the fact that they can be remembered with the acronym STI may or may have not been accidental): Support: This year can feel p ...

Pedro Chen