Civil & Environmental Engineering (UG): Year Two Academic Representative


Anton Glotov

As academic representative, I promise to deliver a centralised feedback system that will operate at the students’ convenience. As part of this action, I am planning to send out surveys regarding academic concerns and advice prior to liaison meetings. Furthermore, I will be available for my peers’ outreach for more running problems throughout the year. A few words about courseworks and deadlines. As ...

Matthew Williams

Hey guys!!!!!!!! You all know me. I am a loud voice that people listen to (often unwillingly in tutorials), but I want to use that voice to help all of you. I am running for year rep again because last year I really enjoyed hearing from all of you and helping you with your concerns. Last year I spearheaded the change to non-alphabetical groups (woohoo!), put pressure on the UG office and lecturers to stick to their ...

Salman Khalaf

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.