Earth Science & Engineering (UG): Year Two Academic Representative


Thurston Blount

Hello voters, my name is Thurston, and I am standing for the year two Academic Rep. I am an approachable guy and I am extremely happy to hear any and all feedback people have; this includes the lectures, the lecturers, and exams. Whether negative, positive, or complete slander, I pledge to push for changes that people want - as long as everyone does their mid-term surveys (dont worry they are anonymous ;)).

Alexia Hiernard

Hi, it’s Slexy:) A few things about myself: I’m a massive fan of the rsm café, especially chocolate muffins, I love travelling (including sorbas basin) and I’m an amateur astophotographer. Over the past year I’ve become practically rsm obsessed and it would be my pleasure to re-run as your academic rep. Having had this position last year I was able to familiarize myself with members o ...

Oliver Coombes

Hi Everyone, I'm Ollie and I'd love to be our Academic Representative for second year. As Academic Rep, I will be dedicated to amplifying your voices and improving your educational experience. I aim to remain approachable, and effectively communicate all student feedback to faculty and department representatives. Furthermore, I plan to work closely with our Wellbeing Representative to minimise the divide between aca ...