Mathematics (UG): Year One Academic Representative


Charlotte Chen

Are you ready for change? Do you want your voices to be heard? Look no further! I am here to represent YOU as Year One Academic Representative! Why Me: I will be visible and accessible: I want to make sure every student in our cohort knows who I am and feels comfortable approaching me. Together, we will create mechanisms for you to voice your feedback easily and effectively. Evidence-based action: No more empty ...

Rajveer Mukherjee

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Karthikeya Kakarlapudi

Hello everyone! My name is Karthikeya Kakarlapudi and I'm a first-year student at the Department of Mathematics. My candidacy for First Year Academic Representative is driven by a deep passion for mathematics and a genuine commitment to the welfare and academic growth of all students in our department. Together, we can create a stimulating, inclusive, and vibrant academic environment that ensures everyone's success. ...