Materials (UG): Year Two Academic Representative


Felix Watson

Dear Fellow Students, Vote for me, Fe, as your academic representative, and together we can take charge of our academic journey. I have established effective communication channels with key figures in our department, such as Priya and Paul, and I am actively building a connection with Florian. This positions me to champion our concerns effectively within the cohort. My "Materials Dad" is Shawn, our departmental rep ...

Paolo Galli

Elect me as your academic rep, and I'll talk the talk and walk the walk. I'm committed to making change, and I'm the top candidate. Fail to vote for me, and brace for August resits.

Adele Morgan Delarboulas

Hello everyone, I hope your transition into Y2 hasnt been too much of a tidal wave! Last year felt like the year of miscommunication and disconnect; lack of collaboration and effective communication between peers, the department and supporting officers lead to disagreement, poor morale and general uncertainty in a year which should have been smooth sailing. Lets bridge the gap between all groups and create a communi ...