Materials (UG): Year Four Academic Representative


Rushvi Shah

To my fellow materials students, Hey there, I'm running to be your Academic Rep in our final year, and I want to keep it simple: I promise to listen to you guys, communicate well and represent you as a cohort. I will ensure that our final year will go as smoothly as possible. I an certain I will be a great academic rep, and along side our awesome well-being rep (Lola), make our last year unforgettable:)

Carlos Barbero Rodriguez

Hi everyone, I am Carlos, pictured here next to a totally normal sized door (as you all know I am very tall), and I would like be your academic rep for the year. This year will be quite different, with all of us working independently in our projects and studying our chosen specialised modules. This means that it will be very important for one person to represent everyone and communicate their views/concerns no matt ...

Benedikt Schultes

Hi Everyone! I'm running to be your academic representative for a third and final time. Over the past two years, I've done my best to share your thoughts and feedback with the department to improve the student experience for all materials students, in all years. In 23/24, I'll carry forward the student-led module selection talks and pre-exam study sessions to foster more collaboration between materials students and ...