Physics (UG): Year Two Academic Representative


Elias Fink

Over the past year, one of the most important resources (next to BlackBoard) was the "Secret Folder" with all material regarding exams and lecture notes from previous students. I want to expand on this and either enlarge or create a new database with the same content additionally to specific information on the current year as well as content for applications to UROPs and internships such that everything is in one pla ...

Max Beliard

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Oliver Knight

I hope that as academic rep I can assist all students throughout the year, and if I were to be elected, I would be available to answer questions, either in person or through email, and I would like to arrange a frequently asked questions page so students would have easy access to information about common problems. I have seen and experienced the effects of what can happen when the department leaves us in the dark, a ...

Aarnav Jain

Hi everyone! I'm Aarnav, and I hope to be your academic rep for this year. As a bit about me, I enjoy board games, climbing, and singing as a member of an a capella group. As your academic rep, beyond the job of voicing complaints and communicating the department to our year, I aim to encourage more communication between students within the department. Throughout first year, I found some of my most helpful and info ...