Medicine (UG): Phase 1c Academic Representative


Rama Aowidah

I’m Rama - I’m here because I want to ensure our year group is supported as much as possible in our first clinical year! Third year has inherent issues with randomised placements causing everyone's teaching to be quite different but this means that faculty support is even more necessary and the amplification of our student voice is even more important. As academic rep, I would ensure to push and persist ...

Orsalia Toutouza

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Chirag Goyal

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Dania Hafid

Hi! My name is Dania Hafid, and I was your academic rep for year 2! I'd love to continue advocating for students and liaising among students and faculty to help deliver the quality of education that students deserve. Over the past year, we accomplished so much for our cohort, including: Liaising with faculty to release a BRS mock to acclimatise students to test conditions Liaising with faculty to release an LMAP ...

Yousuf Yaqub

Hey guys! My name is Yousuf, I’ve been Academic Rep for the past two years, and I’m running again this year! I’ve built up a lot of experience with dealing with faculty, and I’d love to continue to represent you all this year. I think it’s important that as we make the transition into clinical medicine we continue to demand the very best from faculty, and we remain in open dialogue wit ...

Ayushi Gianchandani

Hi! I'm Ayushi, a third year medic. You may remember me as one of the 3 reps spamming the chat last year with surveys and messages from faculty. I really enjoyed being your Academic Rep last year and I really hope I can do the same this year. Last year, I worked with the other reps to finally covince faculty, after several meetings and lengthy, strenuous conversations, to give us that mock BRS exam and sort out the ...