Chemical Engineering (UG): Year Two Academic Representative


James Williams

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Rachel Ha

Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m running to be one of your academic reps this year. We’d all love to get through the year as stress-free and care-free as possible - I’m willing to carry out those steps to do so. I believe I have the listening and communication skills to hear everyone’s opinions and convey them in an efficient manner to the department. I also won’t shy away from difficult co ...

Maria Fernanda De Sousa Trad

After a long and gruelling first year, I fully recognise the importance of having strong advocacy and an outspoken voice to represent our cohort’s concerns and queries. As someone who is not afraid to face uncomfortable conversations and disputes, I believe that I can be the unyielding voice for our year and fully step into the commitment of representing the second years and what is best for us, whilst being a ...

Shaurya Choithani

Hi guys! I'm Shaurya, a second-year ChemEng student at Imperial. I am running to be your second-year representative. I am also the President of the Hall Committee at Beit - which is a testament to my organisational and leadership abilities. As your year-rep, I will carry forward the legacy of Alice Zhu and ensure that I represent your concerns and questions in front of the faculty. I will also ensure that there is ...

Alice Zhu

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.