Biochemistry (UG): Year One Academic Representative


Sophie-Marie Pasewald

My name is Sophie-Marie, but feel free to call me Sophie. I'm originally from Austria and Switzerland, so it's been just under three weeks of living in London. I'm absolutely in love with it so far! As Y1 Biochemistry representative I hope to: Unite our student body and encourage a positive learning environment, where we support and uplift each other. I hope to create a close-knit student body that celebrates and ...

Owen Jenner

The Biochemistry department at Imperial is almost like a perfectly synthesized protein, the protein cannot function unless the correct amino acids are all joined together- the department cannot function unless the academic staff, laboratory technicians, and students are all joined and working efficiently in unison. As the 2023 cohort, we will move through this degree together and need to work together to help everyon ...

Eloise Pearce

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.