Bioengineering (UG): Year One Academic Representative (Molecular Bioengineering)


Sophia Mok

Hello fellow Molecular Bioengineers! I'm Sophia Mok, and just like you, I'm from the Molecular Bioengineering department - home to the best type of engineers, who will eventually succeed without suffering from statistics, programming and receding hairline. Molecules + biology + engineering? One would’ve thought an 80-paged Student Handbook would’ve been more … comprehensible. But don’t wo ...

Scott Allen

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

John Kim

Candidate Manifesto "Caring for my classmates is the basic, and your welfare is the standard.'' Hello to all, My name is John Kim, and I am a first-year student in Molecular Bioengineering. I am running for the position of Academic Representative of the MBE to ensure that all students' perspectives and views are considered. Everyone's opinions are valued. As a new student, I have a fresh perspective on college m ...