Electronic & Information Engineering (UG): Year One Academic Representative


John Shin

Hi there! As most of you know already(hopefully), my name is John Shin. Having enrolled in one of the most academically rigorous(but rewarding!!) course in Imperial, I knew that it had to be me that would stand for the academic representative role. As your average uni student, I know and agree with how hard the coursework can get. This is or will be a problem for every student, if not now then soon. Fortunately, ...

Elson Tho

Greetings Fellow Year One EIE Students, I am Elson Tho and am thrilled to be standing for Academic Representative in our dynamic EIE community. As your representative, I am committed to advocating for an enriching academic experience that empowers us all. Firstly, I pledge to be your voice. I will actively seek your feedback and concerns, ensuring they reach the ears of faculty and administration. I will foster an ...

John Kelly

Hi, I'm John Kelly, and I'm running for the first-year EIE Academic Representative. My priority as a rep is first & foremost to make it easy for everyone to communicate problems they have with the course, lectures, or labs to the department as easily as possible and to get them resolved in a timely manner. Overflow room unattended? Lecture not visible online? Unclear due dates for work? No one should nee ...

Orlando Alexander

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.