RCSU: Vice President (Activities)


Kylin Treruangrachada

Hello hello! My name is Kylin, strong and clear, From Biochemistry, I bring dreams sincere, For VP of Activities, I stand with pride, In the Royal College of Science, where ambitions reside. * A faculty alive with laughter and cheer, Where each department feels genuinely near, Where students explore, where talents shine, I dream of a union where hearts align. * My goal is to bring our RCSU community closer ...

Christopher ZHU

"Empower Tomorrow with Christopher: Uniting Vision, Igniting Change at Imperial College Union!" I am Christopher ZHU, a STEM postgraduate student at Imperial, and prior to my journey here, I had the privilege of studying at Oxford University. My academic path has been complemented by senior leadership roles at prominent international organizations like the United Nations and CODATA. I am committed to promoting stud ...

Divya Kavadiya

My time with the Energy Journal and Biosoc has been a fantastic learning experience, and I'm genuinely excited about the opportunity to be RCSU Vice President in charge of activities. These roles have equipped me with vital skills in event planning, team leadership, and resource management, which I'm eager to apply. One thing that really motivates me is the prospect of creating dive ...

Temmuz Tumay

Hello I'm Temmuz Tumay, a first year physics student. I want to make the most of OUR years in university that's why I've applied to the position. During highschool I've been the head of the student body so I'm used to managing a team and giving up my free time to make sure people's voices are heard. Above all we deserve to be the best union and I want to help make the RCSU great again!