Council Representative (UG Engineering)


Ling Liu

Hi! My name is Ling, you can also call me Linda. As a candidate for Council Representative (UG Engineering). I aim to create an inclusive and supportive environment where every student's voice matters and their needs are met. My vision is to ensure a well-rounded educational experience for UG Engineering students. With strong communication skills, I'm committed to maintaining open channels for every students. For ...

Kang Yang

Dear Engineering Students, I'm Kang, a third-year Design Engineering student. My roles as the Open House Manager and Alumni Secretary have equipped me with a unique understanding of our engineering community's vibrancy and challenges. My Commitments: Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Champion cross-faculty projects, harnessing the collective genius of all UG engineering departments for groundbreaking innovation. A ...

Naman Khan

Hello, I'm Naman and I aim to amplify your voices - I will attentively hear your aspirations and concerns, to make everyone feel included. These are a few additonal ideas I plan to implement: Collaborative Innovation: I want to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation by creating platforms for idea exchange, hackathons, and interdisciplinary projects. Academic Excellence: I'll work tirelessly to enhance ...

Bella Hu

Hi guys! I'm Bella, and I am very excited to stand for the position of Union Council Representative. My goal is simple: to be your voice and advocate. Every student's perspective matters and I am fully committed to ensuring you are heard and respected. Approachability: Being accessible and approachable is crucial to me; I will always be available to listen to any concerns and feedback. Together, we can make our ...

Zay Ya Phone Pyaih

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Dimitris Alexopoulos

Hi, I'm Dimitris and I'm a 2nd Year Electronics and Information Engineering student.

Sarah Zha

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Aditya Prabakaran

Hey there Computing students! My name is Aditya Prabakaran, or as most of you know me, Adi, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the Council Representative for you. Why should you vote for me? I am fearless in speaking my mind and will address any problem you bring up with the council. I prioritize ensuring everyone is comfortable in their academic environment, and I will preserve your anonymity when dis ...