Council Representative (PG Science)



Hi, I am Ang! I am running for your PG science representative. I am a third-year PhD student in Chemistry and also your student trustee last year, therefore I am clear about all the challenges and benefits you will experience throughout your entire postgraduate career. If elected, I will try to collect all opinions, suggestions, and complaints from all science students and reflect them to the council and union. I wi ...

Alex Auyang

Hi, I’m Alex. I’ve been on Council for the last 4 years, as the chair of Council, RCSU President, and Silwood Union President. While on Council, I successfully integrated postgraduates in the historic Constituent Unions, lobbied for and successfully increased the number of postgraduate representatives on Council, and brought increased attention to postgraduate issues across all campuses. I also wrote th ...

Xinman Wang

Fellow graduate students of Imperial College Union,I am honored to present my manifesto for the position of Postgraduate Science Council Representative. Our journey through the academic realm is a multifaceted one, filled with diverse challenges and opportunities. As your representative, my commitment is to ensure that the voices and aspirations of postgraduate science students are heard and addressed effectively.1. ...

Qifeng Zhou

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.