Council Representative (UG Medicine)


Yuki Agarwala

Hello, I am Yuki, a graduate of BSc Medical Biosciences at Imperial, and am now studying medicine. Being part of both undergraduate courses Imperial offers within the Faculty of Medicine makes me well-suited for a role representing the undergraduate Faculty of Medicine. I was the academic rep of my previous degree during the height of the Covid pandemic, and I know how faculty work. I analyzed feedback and worke ...

Hao Ze Yang

I am honoured to announce my candidacy for the Council Representative (Undergraduate Medicine) position. My past year's experience in this role has given me valuable insights into the needs and concerns of our student community, and I am eager to continue serving you in this capacity. As a Council Representative, I have had the privilege of representing the voices of our undergraduate medicine students. This role is ...

Kavyesh Vivek

Who am I: I'm Kavyesh Vivek, a 5th-year medical student, and I am running to be your Undergraduate Medicine Council Representative. Goals and Vision: Enhance Syllabus Transparency: I'll translate syllabus guidelines in a more student-friendly manner to provide clarity, reducing undue stress and confusion during exam preparation. Financial Aid Support: I'm committed to facilitating ongoing financial aid su ...

Kinan Wihba

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Orsalia Toutouza

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.