Bioengineering (UG): Year One Wellbeing Representative


Huaihou Yang

Hello, my dear classmates! I am Huaihou (Apollo) Yang, a first-year BME student running for the wellbeing representative of our cohort. Since we are all bioengineers, that means we must, in one way or another, care about issues of health and human body. However, I'd like to remind you while we are diving into our academic searches, we also shouldn't overlook our own physical and mental health. This is why I am here ...

Ines Fair

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Jacob Beeson

Hello! My name is Jacob and i would like to be your wellbeing representative. I have just started molecular bioengineering and i am nervous but excited about the future and what will happen next. I am from England but have experienced living in foreign countries and living by myself before, just the uni thing is new! I have experience working with people to make meaningful conversations and create open enviroments an ...