EFDS Soc: Treasurer


Hrishi Rao

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Isabella Mariani

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Ginni Barattolo Ricci Saraceni

Hi all, My name is Ginni and I'm pursuing the EFDS degree because I am keen to learn more about the world of finance. However, I believe that studying the theory is not enough and this role would give me an opportunity to apply my knowledge and skills and to be challenged. The main two reasons why I would be perfect for this role are my determination and management skills. Being determined means I would prioritize ...

Rhea Li

Hello everyone! I‘m Rhea Li and it's been a pleasure to join in this uniqe, warm and welcoming new course of Economics, Finance and Data science. l'm excited to share my aspiration to take aon a role of Treasurer and eager to make my contribution to develop our own departmental society in this special first year. My primary goal is to ensure that our financial resources are managed efficiently and effectively ...