Horizons (UG): Departmental Representative


Tommy Simmons

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Sihan Gao

Vote me! Thanks! Love you allšŸ©·

Kasope Ogunbiyi

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Huaihou Yang

Hello everyone! I'm Huaihou (Apollo) Yang, a first year BME student running for the Departmental Representative at Horizon. I'm currently taking the German Level 2.

Ali Aftab

Hey guys, I’m Ali, a second-year medical student. Last year, I took Japanese Level 1 and since I enjoyed it so much I am continuing it this year in Level 3! From my previous experiences, I think I have an understanding of both what the languages teaching offers and what students enjoy. I love language learning and I have done quite a bit of reading on what makes it most effective. As a department representati ...

Aishah Anjum

Hey, I’m Aishah and I am applying for the role of Horizons Departmental Representative this year! I’m a first-year medical student, so I absolutely understand the pressure of having to balance your degree alongside extracurricular activities, such as Horizons programmes, societies, as well as having time to relax. Hence, I would like to make the process of doing Horizons as enjoyable as possible for all ...

Nazifa Islam

Heyy everyone!! I am the current Academic Events Officer in the Biochemistry Society and was also the Italian Horizons representative last year. I have plenty of experience representing the student body and ensuring your voice is heard in the decisions being made. I look forward to working with you all!

Guillaume Felix

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Eddie Wang

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Sophia Hu

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

William Brander

My name is William Brander and I am a Medical Biosciences student. I grew up in Denmark, going to an international school where I enjoyed studying a variety of humanities subjects. My main reluctances about going to Imperial revolved around the inflexbility of its curricula, as well as the complete absence of humanities subjects. Or so I thought, until I encountered horizons - which was a contributing factor to my de ...