Horizons (UG): All Years Languages Rep (Korean Modules)


Leyan Li

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Xinyuan Wang

Hi everyone, I'm major in mathematics. As a Kpop fan, with a strong feeling of understanding what the idols are talking about, I choose Korean as the first option. As an ENFJ person, I promise I will try my best to help students that are in need when learning Korean! (Feel free to make friends with me!) Thanks for surpporting me~

Rawahah Farazi

Dear Imperial Korean students, 안녕하세요 I am a 2nd year chemistry student studying Korean and growing up, I was surrounded by European languages. I chose Korean because I wanted to delve into something different and definitely not because of k-drama and ramen! As your representative, I will advocate for your needs, concerns, and aspirations to ensure that our learning experience is enriching and rewarding. I wil ...