Civil & Environmental Engineering (UG): Year One Academic Representative


Ellie Chin

Hi y’all! I’m Ellie and I hope to be your Academic Representative this year! Through my background teaching maths in a tutorial setting and leading my high school’s STEM outreach club, I’ve gained both insights into effective education and a passion to see these improvements happen. Look forward to working with you and our other representatives!

Fiona Liu

Hi I'm Fiona, I honestly just want to get involved in uni as much as possible, opening new opportunities for myself as well as my fellow colleagues. I am very approachable and easy-going and I believe it is less intimidating and easy for students to report feedbacks to a fellow friend like myself than straight to seniors. I hope to improve efficiency and enjoyability for the department of civil and environmental ...

Kamilla Tleuova

Hi everyone, I am Kamilla, a Year 1 student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Coming from a background of active community involvement and leadership roles in my previous school, I am eager to bring my dedication and experience to Imperial College London. I was actively involved in the academic development of my classmates by voicing their concerns to the teachers. In my past roles, I spearhe ...

Yong Gah Chong

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.