Medicine (UG): Biomedical Science - Year One Wellbeing Representative


Antonia Ngai Ngai

Hello, I am Antonia! Starting university can be extremely challenging, especially for students who left home for the first time to study aboard or in a new city. A 2021 survey from the Office for National Statistics revealed that 37% of first-year students reported depression and anxiety in England. As someone who came to this country as an immigrant in 2017, I had gone through episodes of severe stress related to a ...

Sarah Pavthiwala

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Abira Prasad

Hi everyone! My name is Abira and I would love to be your Wellbeing Rep for Year 1. Being a fellow first year, I know right now is a time of massive change, and health and wellbeing can be the first thing to go out the window during busy or stressful periods of our lives, like moving abroad or living alone for the first time.. (Have you slept enough this past week? Eaten 3 meals a day? Drunk enough water?) It&rsqu ...

Charles Lassailly

This candidate did not supply a manifesto.

Reika Isomata

Hi everyone! my name is reika (first year BMB), and I want to sign up to be your wellbeing rep for the year. I know tough things can sometimes get for us students, and how overwhelming it can sometimes feel trying to navigate academics, extracurriculars and other aspects of school and outside-of-school life. As someone who had some struggles with mental health and depressive periods in the past, I know how importan ...

Matylda Piatkowska

Hello! My name's Matylda (also known as Tilly) and I'm a first year biomed student. I've lived in London my whole life and Imperial's been a dream of mine for many years (still can't believe I got in). I would love to be welfare rep for my course because I know how stressful life can get, especially when you feel like no one's listening. I want to focus on communication with those people who can make a change to make ...