International Students: Campaigns Officer


Huaihou Yang

Hello, everyone! I am Huaihou (Apollo) Yang, a first-year Biomedical Engineering student running for the position of International Student Campaign Officer at the LNC. Embarking on overseas study opens up both challenges and possibilities for many international students. Picture this: adapting to a new language environment, making friends from around the globe, mastering the art of living independently, and, of cour ...

Yangqi Zhu

Hi everyone, my name is Yangqi! I am a second-year Biomedical Engineering student, and I am running for International Students Campaign Officer. Ethically Chinese, I was born and raised in France, therefore having this multicultural background, I uniquely understand the challenges international students might face. I envision an environment where every international student feels heard and important. If I am elected ...

Sihan Gao

Try to be a good Campaigns Officer of International student. Vote me! Thanks! Love you all!